How to increase sales in QSR

30 January 2018

Digital Signage is a fast-growing trend, especially in the quick service restaurant industry.  QSRs have leveraged the power of Digital Signage to help grow their business to new levels, by giving their customers unique experiences which encourage them to feel more at ease in their purchasing process.

Here we will look at ways that Quick Service Restaurants can increase sales with Digital Signage.

  1. Window Signage – Vibrant signage can entice people passing by to look twice, and maybe even curb their appetite enough to make them go inside.  Bright visuals and limited time offers help drive traffic.
  2. Queue Signage – Now that the customer is in line, they need to decide on their meal choice in a short period of time.  Prominently display your best items to make their choice easy for them, and profitable for you.
  3. Point of Sale Digital Signage – Have you ever gotten to the cash register and saw a miniature display at the point of sale?  QSRs use this technique as a way to up-sell at the last second.  For instance, “Upsize your fries for only 25 cents more!”.  It doesn't drastically change the buyers purchase decision, though it can accumulate significant changes to your bottom line in the long run.
  4. No Need to Leave Your Car – At VIEWitMEDIA, our outdoor signage is strong enough to endure all types of weather, and does not loose clarity whether viewed during the day or night.  Drive-thru menus can still be as dynamic and impactful as the ones seen indoors.
  5. Reduce Waiting Time With Self-Ordering Options – Don’t let your customers have a negative experience because the person in front of them took forever to decide.  Instead, give them options.  Maybe they just aren’t in the mood for interacting with another person.  Whatever the reason, touch-screen displays can be placed in the ordering area so that your customers can still place their order, but in a way that may be better suited for them.
  6. Daily Loyalty – At this point, the customer has walked through the doors, placed their order, and have had a satisfying experience.  But why stop at just one satisfying experience?  Prominently display daily specials so that the customer can see the great offers which they’ll receive if they return tomorrow, or any other day of the week.  Keep them coming back!